Arjuna: Rejuvenation For The Heart

Arjuna is an herb used in Ayurvedic medicine that specifically cares for and strengthens the heart. Its botanical name is Terminalia arjuna, and it is a beautiful, green-leafed tree that grows in parts of India and Bangladesh.

The bark of the tree is harvested and used for its rejuvenating, strengthening effects on the cardiovascular system.

Arjuna breathes new life into the tissues of the heart and lends vibrancy to the circulatory system, helping it reach a baseline of health. Arjuna is given for recovery after heart attacks to strengthen and heal the heart and its tissues.

It is also given to maintain normal coagulation of the blood and to prevent heart attacks from occurring.

Like Hawthorn, Arjuna has a strengthening effect on the heart and pericardium. It helps regulate cholesterol, blood pressure, and proper coagulation.

Recent studies have shown Arjuna to be helpful in normalizing blood pressure, strengthening the veins, and providing hefty antioxidant activity.

Arjuna is in the same plant family as the three herbs that make up Triphala, the legendary Ayurvedic digestive cleanser. Triphala is effective for digestive cleansing because it tones and strengthens the digestive tract in is entirety, and it regulates the downward movement involved in healthy digestion.

Arjuna has a similar action on the tissues of the heart. It tightens weak places and boosts circulation and healthy movement.

Arjuna is often indicated in instances of heart disease and cardiac instability. Taken as a daily tonic, Arjuna can help protect our hearts and prevent myriad cardiac problems. Psychologically, it helps to heal broken hearts, and it gives strength, courage and the ability to pursue our heart’s true calling.

As a heart tonic, a good place to start with Arjuna is ½ teaspoon of powder with honey and warm water 3 times a day. Arjuna powder can also be taken in an infusion of milk, along with other herbs for the heart such as Ashwagandha, Guggul, and Hawthorn.

Arjuna tablets and extracts are also available for ease of use. Our two favorite supplements containing Arjuna are B/P Stabili-T and Heart Formula.

Try this lovely herb today, and happy healing!

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or are currently taking medication, be sure to work under the guidance of a clinical herbalist in conjunction with your primary care doctor.

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